The Haunting

Our time was like an empty house

You drive by, but never enter

To speak to the girl within.

My heart is like the school girl

Waiting for her bus at the corner

Knowing that the bus has already come and gone.

I cry and I ache.

I plead to the heavens.

I break.

My stomach churns and burns.

Longing for you.

But like an orbiting comet,

We orbit each other’s bodies,

but never get too close.

We tear each other apart on the inside

whilst we wear a fake smile and play like fools.

Crashing into each other

The moon drives us into one another’s skin

You crumble. I fold.

I leave us both empty in the snow when I go.

Leaving you at the place, the very spot,

where you chose not to follow.

Haunting us both.