The Rock

It’s in the middle of December.

A cold mist floods Lake Erie

and shrouds her in a mysterious beauty.

I wonder.

I wonder what he sees in her?

I wonder if he still thinks of me?

I wander.

Past the stony barricades and protectors from erosion.

Past the taunts of love bound forever etched in every tree, rock, and sidewalk.

One rock says “Crystal and Coby Heart Forever.”

Did they know at the time that nothing lasts forever?

Indeed. They must have known subconsciously.

Simple-minded words etched in rock will outlast love and their lives

being there in the open for eons of time,

partnering with the refuse and garbage collected on the beach.

There. In the rock.

A person once had a purpose. To love and be loved.

It did not change, it did not fade,

it did not bend, it did not break.

It was just there. Written down. Forever.

Yet somehow discarded and forgotten, like the trash on the shore.

Being weathered down and lost, it remains.

To remind any passerby;

That once Coby loved Crystal and Crystal loved Coby

Once. Just once.

They were loved.