A Hidden Desire

 My heart quickens its step,
my breathing hastens in my chest.
Clutching me around my throat and neck.
One minute, I’m sleeping peacefully,
the next, I’m arching my back in ecstasy.
I moan, in my sleep,
dreaming and feeling hungry,
For you.
Your lips and tongue, gently caressing mine.
Your hands holding me tight around my thighs.
Moving onward and up towards my hips,
now my breasts. My cheeks are burning red.
Love-making; You are gripping me tightly.
I feel the pinch of your hands behind my knees
As I gently caress the sweat from the curve of your back.
I pull you even closer, harder, inside
Clawing, begging, needing it all
For you.
Then suddenly my eyes open.
Quivering, I awake sitting up in my bed,
and find I am alone.
Empty and restless,
dripping in my own sweat,
remembering the faint taste of man
that I never even tasted.