America in a World of US versus YOU versus ME versus THEM

 Langston Hughes once wrote “America was never America to me.”
And not much has changed since then.
Like a more refined, dressed up pig,
America looks beautiful,
America looks great...again.
The economy booms,
but the liberal and conservative fascists loom on.
They line our door steps,
our Facebook messages, our Twitter pages.
Sign this! Agree with US! Or else!
And while we sit on the edge of our seats
waiting for another moral dilemma
to rise from the ashes of our dead democratic politics,
the student debt rises.
It rapes another woman or man of economic freedom.
We cry out in pain. We cry out in anger!
We are let down by every institution that swore to protect US,
that swore to US that we could find happiness,
in a free America.
Langston Hughes wrote about Black America
and he also wrote for ALL of us.
Turned away at the gate of free thought and moral action,
perpetually separated from our own lost souls.
This is America, as it is and as it always has been,
with nationalism like a thief’s justification
that when he commits a crime
that he had every right to do so.
We are America. A land of US versus YOU versus ME versus THEM.