You Slay Me

You slay me.

 You slay me.
 Down the middle.
 Two by Two.
 You slay me.
 Please don’t
 make me a hungry fool for you.
 As you keep 
 running your fingers
 down my spine
 I’m giving into you
 every single damn time
 I’m underneath you
 my knees next to 
 your ears and mine
 my body quivering
 my guard and walls
 buckle and are crumbling.
 You slay me.
 Tonight, conquer me again stranger.
 Slay me even harder.
 Make it feel like this
 will last forever.
 Make me feel like a warrior
 entering Valhalla at last.
 Be my only lover
 while you are only mine.
 Stay with me a little longer
 between my thighs.
 Take me on this journey.
 Where our souls
 caress one another.
 Into whatever future.
 Into that deep night.
 of progression.
 Perfecting our
 unconditional imperfections.
 Welcome me into your heart stranger
 for you 
 are already welcomed in mine.